Monday, February 22, 2016

Bud, has this list of "Rules for Life and Things" (#16, #118, #328). Why do you think Bud needed these rules? Do you have any  "Rules for Life and Things" that you live by?


  1. I think that Bud needs these rules because, he needs something as a motivator to keep him going on his long journey to find his dad. For example, in my opinion, whenever he brings up his “ Rules of Life and things” he almost always mentions it when he is in a bad situation or if he is thinking about his Mom or Dad. The author described my detail in the text by saying that he was in situation where something bad was happening so Bud brought up His “ Rules and Things for life” in order to help him get through that situation.
    I would say that I have something similar to Bud’s rules and things for life. Even though I don’t have an organized list and title for these rules, I still kind’ve have them. For example, sometimes when I am scared, afraid, or nervous I give myself advice so that I can get through the scenario faster and stress free. That is why I think that I have rules similar to Bud’s


  2. I think Bud needs his rules because he uses it as the motivational words to keep persevering to reunite with his family. For instance ,when ever he talked about “Rules for life and things“ He was usually in a situation that was a time when he was either about to lie or about to get in trouble so he used it to get out of the situation. Another reason he uses it to persevere is he says it when someone or something is threatening Bud. So he makes a rule and uses it then the threat is no longer a part of his journey. I think I have rules for! My life as well. They help me stay focused,calm,well behaved, and even peaceful! My first rule is always set goals or time limits. This helps because when I get off track I will set goals to maybe finish 2 paragraphs or spend 20 minutes doing homework. My second rule is to never interrupted or say hateful things about the person’s interests. This helped me have friends and keep them. I have tons of other rules, but I will not share all.

  3. I think Bud needs the rules because he never had a dad or brother to be his role model. He also needs the rules because it sometimes keeps him out of trouble and gives good advice. I sometimes need life rules but most of the time I’m okay. When I do need rules that is when I have to pick something over something else.

  4. I think bud needs these rules to help him get through things without his parents. I would do that just to have good thoughts. I get good thoughts from my parents in the morning, so maybe he got help to get those rules from his parents. He maybe looks through them to remember them and to help him through rough times. I think he didn’t make them up just for “rules” I think they really do help him and motivate him to do the right thing.
    I have some thought that go through my head before soccer games. For example, if I am really nervous I just think of positive things like winning or scoring a lot. That kind of makes it easier for me. And I am not so worried. That is not really a rule but it helps me like the rules.


    1. Maiti, I do the same thing before a soccer game! I sometimes have different thoughts floating in my head that sometimes make me nervous. I try to clear those thoughts away and think about the good thoughts of a soccer game. It calms me down and helps me just play the game. I completely agree with you that is isn’t necessarily a rule, but it seems like one in some ways.

  5. I think Bud needs those rules because, they probably help him no what to do and what not to do at the right time. Also, he probably doesn’t like what adults are going to say so he has a solution ready for it.
    If a grown-up ever starts a sentence
    saying “Haven’t You Heard,” Get
    Read, cause What’s About To Come
    Out Of Their Mouth Is Gonna
    Drop You Headfirst Into a Boiling
    Even though that wasn’t the response Bud needed, he could’ve been ready for something like that. No, I don’t have “Rules for life and Things” that I live by.

  6. I think that Bud needs his rules to live by because his world is somewhat chaotic and unpredictable. Having rules for himself to abide by helps him to make sense of his world. These rules help him to remember what he stands for, and what is important to him. Although I've never written a list of the rules that I live by, I do believe that I have one in my mind. Rules on my "mind list" include: Treat other people the way they would like to be treated. Be a person of your word- follow through on commitments and demonstrate integrity. Be courageous. Be compassionate. Be creative. Persevere. Keeping these rules for myself in my mind helps me to make decisions and helps me to connect with my community.

  7. I think Bud needs his “Rules for Life and Things” to get through hard times. He needs his rules to keep him motivated to get him out of situations. If he still had parents, he probably wouldn’t need these because parents, friends, and teachers can keep you motivated. The can keep your ideas bright so you can finish what you started.
    I have some similar rules to Bud’s rule for life and things. I don’t keep my rules in a list, but I still have some. I remember them when something bad has happened. These rules help me get rid of what I’m afraid of.

  8. Bud, has this list of "Rules for Life and Things" (#16, #118, #328). Why do you think Bud needed these rules? Do you have any "Rules for Life and Things" that you live by?

    I think that Bud needed these rules because if he hits a fork in the road he will be able to keep on going and not let that ruin his intire life. I think this because, the times that he mentions these rules are when he is in a tough situation, such as when he was at the library and he was thinking of "Rules and things number 16" when he said, "RULES AND THINGS NUMBER 16
    If a Grown-up Ever Starts a Sentence by Saying
    'Haven't You Heard, 'Get Ready, 'Cause
    What's About to Come Out of Their Mouth Is Gonna
    Drop You Head first into a Boiling Tragedy." I don't have any Rules for Life and Things that I live by.

  9. I think Bud lives by these rules because they keep him close to his mother - they help him in situations that he would need her help/advice. Because he is on his own, and has nowhere to call "home" (a place that a child would have structure and supervision), he relies on these rules to help him navigate all the situations he finds himself in. He clearly is a smart boy - these rules simply reinforce what he already knows in his gut.

    Do I have rules I live by? Gosh, I don't have a list necessarily, but I do have a sign up in my house that says "Work Hard and Be Nice." I love it because it's so simple, yet it says a lot.

  10. I think Bud needed these rules because he needs something to remind him what to do. For example, when he needs someone to help him but there is no one there, then he can look back on the “Rules for life and things.” Also, I think he needed these rules to motivate him on his long journey. For example, he doesn’t have anyone there to motivate him so he can use the “Rules for life and things.” I don’t have any, “Rules for life and things” because I don’t have time to make it.

  11. I think that Bud needs to live by these rules because his life is like a road with lots of twists and turns for two reasons.One reason is,that he landed in Hooverville and missed the train, but luckily his suitcase was blown out of the train when Bud didn't make the train so he was still connected with his suitcase.Finally, Bud needs these rules help him stay out of trouble and these rules somewhat play as role models for Bud.And yes I do have a few life rules to follow,don't just do it do it right,treat others the way you want o be treated,and be yourself.These rules help me in everyday life.

  12. I think Bud needs these rules because these rules guides them to his life. I have rules like walking my dog or folding laundry, these rules are what make me do the things I need to do... Bud needs these rules because, the rules that he has made, made him get this far in his journey to finding his dad or something like that.

  13. I think Bud needed these rules because Bud always wants to do things the same way and the rules that Bud has he never wants to break one of those rules and it reminds him about how to do things and he probably agrees with most of the rules. My rules are doing my homework when I get home and making good decisions.

  14. Bud, has this list of "Rules for Life and Things" (#16, #118, #328). Why do you think Bud needed these rules? I think Bud needed these rules because of his lack of motherly care. I think that those rules gave bud structure in his life much like a mother would've given any other child.

    Do you have any "Rules for Life and Things" that you live by?
    I don't think that I have any rules in my life as much as I do habits and chores. I like to live freely, although that can get me in big trouble.

  15. Bud, has a list of rules for his life. I think Bud needed these rules because he never really knew his parents.

    Do I have any rules in life? no I don't even do chores often because I play soccer almost right after school and get home by dinner so I don't have time to do chores or make rules for my life.